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Producing instrumentals since 1998

Who the f**** is Roofboy?

Well, let's read this thing below.

Roofboy, born in the 80s in Paris, is a French DJ established sometimes in NYC, LA, Paris or even in ValThorens. He's coming from mountebank parents who do street theater and sometimes indoors. He has been immersed in a crew of people from different backgrounds since he was young. He quickly finds his place as a superHero by clowning around and attracting the gaze of the crowd. The star was born.

Surrounded by incredible universes (family, graffiti, video), he comes back to earth from time to time, and is inspired by soundtracks, music from the theater cafeteria, analyzing funk, punk, new wave, hip hop, house, rock, techno, etc. In short, he builds his musical identity.

In the 1990s, he began a career as a rapper (-Joke-). Very quickly bored by this style exercise which he considers too hard, he decides to only make instrumental versions for his fellow rappers, and especially his brother Syclone and his group DYSLEXIE. And that's good.

For nearly 10 years, he produced for many artists in his room, which he nicknamed FOLIMER (the mother of madness = where the magic happens = also the name of the street: Folie méricourt ). This is where everything is built, from the mixtapes, to the maxis, through the albums, everything is done sometimes on 4-track cassettes, with an atari 1024ST, a sampler akai S20, or even with the help of a real arcenal home-professional studio. The neighborhood is delighted.

He won several gold records and a Grammy Award - I mean, not really - But loved the gold disk for the French rapper SINIK produced by NEOCHROME & 609.

Today, he is fully dedicated to saving the universe. You will find his best sounds mixed just for you, on soundclound, mixcloud and soon on Myspace - or is it?